Monday, March 14, 2011

Governor Walker and the Church

A friend had posted his critique of Governor Walker and the recent happenings in Wisconsin (which by the way, I believe our children's grandchildren will be reading about in their history books in a hundred years). I proceeded to read not only his post but the comments left by others. One person stated . . . "I fully support Gov. Walker....I do not think it is the gov't job to take care of the poor. Those that are truly in need are the responsibility of the church... I think the bible is very clear about that, and clearly teaches principles that if one abides by could help one avoid poverty... In my opinion it is a combination of personal responsibility and church responsibility...

It was one of those mornings and I couldn't just walk away so I commented . . .

I couldn't agree more with you . . . especially about the role of the church - everyone who calls Christ Lord. We, the church, are responsible for the poor. William Temple said it quite eloquently over a hundred years ago. "The church is the only society that exists for the benefit of it's nonmembers." And therein lies the problem . . . the church does not believe this. If we did, are actions would be drastically different. So because the church does not believe they are responsible for the poor, like our "founder" taught, the state has been forced to step in and try and fill the gap vacated by the church.

What is it that keeps the church from being the church? Could it be we are too busy investing in ourselves and our temples made with hands? The caring people in the public sector therefore have no choice but to attempt filling in for the church. And that is impossible. NO ONE CAN FILL THE VOID WHEN THE CHURCH VACATES IT'S CALLING AND RESPONSIBILITY. Isn't it ironic how so many Evangelical Christians stand with Gov. Walker and yet are also the same people investing their tithes & offerings and time to perpetuate their "cathedrals" and social club services that only serve themselves. If the church has vacated it's responsibility and the state is now saying, "No more," exactly who is going to stand with the poor and those who serve the under-resourced of our world?

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